About the Sattva Floor : FOR THOSE WHO STAY CALM.

‘Sattva’ is the embodiment of order. It stands for a positive and an orderly state of mind. In this ‘guna’ the mind is a canvas of kindness, calmness and alertness. Those who have the ‘Sattva guna’ aspire for higher realm of attainment. This ‘guna’ is characterised by minimalist, celestial, ethereal and aesthetic objects. Aim for a higher path of existence. Le Sutra is the only art hotel in Bandra which provides luxury art rooms, that provides you the indulgence of higher consciousness, being one of the best hotels in Mumbai. Walk in here and experience Le Sutra the only boutique art hotel in Mumbai.


Prakriti is the description of nature at a multi-level. It encompasses all that is the material world. The three gunas or qualities and attributes are a part of Prakriti…


Shuddhi means cleansing which means getting rid of the impurities at a gross and subtle level. As a person conquers weakness , temptations and desires of each…


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This room symbolizes the Shree Yantra. Reach the center of your being, become aware and feel the magnificence as you connect to the universe. The power…